1. Blind

From the recording Blind

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Close your eyes, imagine lives, why can't everybody live in paradise
Time shows lies, truth's inside
Knowledge grants you freedom and the mind has eyes
Open wide
Take back your power realize, they sell you insecurities in disguise
Perspective is what changes lives, diversify and seek the bright side
Uh, you're wrapped around a finger telling you lies
I'm despised how we blindly accept like braille lines
Our hearts are beating still we're feeding on the lost lives
Two eyes are open but your blind inside the mind's eye
Wake up from this dream of lacking everything, you need to feel whole
Digging deep to find your home, search your mind for the truth inside us all
Everything that you need is right in front of you, so seize it all
Find the light after the fall, pick it up from a place that loves us all
Don't base your worth off what you buy, wealth is found on the inside
Make peace not war, it gets better in time, when we fight we turn a blind eye
Learn to love each other like we love ourselves
Let the differences dissipate, stack them on a shelf
Hide them away look with clear eyes and clear mind
Our hearts are one, we're here together, we can unite
(Work together, we are all the same, our hearts beat together, wake up)
(Work together, we are all the same, our hearts beat together, wake up)
Stand up and..
Stand up and fight, we're losing our rights
The rich are getting richer and the workers are dying
We feed a system that is not on our side, an enemy we can't define
Get up and fight while you can before we're ghosts in the light